USA Rugby Women Eagles National Team

Having earned an invitation to the 2010 World Cup in England, the USA Women Eagles National Team (WNT) needed help raising money for the big trip. “Doesn’t the USA Rugby league fund the trip?” I asked naively. Sadly, the women’s rugby team doesn’t receive equal treatment as the men’s team.

The better question was: How do you tackle your own fundraising while training for international competition, traveling for preliminary matches, AND holding down a job or finishing a degree?

In a show of support, I volunteered my time and assembled a team of my own. We created a campaign that leveraged the team’s name, the power of emotion, and the reach of the web. We even collaborated with the Oscar-nominated filmmaker Amanda Micheli on her short documentary film about past and present USA Rugby Women Eagles. Thanks to everyone who donated their time and talent.*

The “We WaNT Rugby” campaign gave the team and their fans one voice.

Magnet Manifesto


Documentary film by Amanda Micheli


Young girls look up to these women. Buying a signed campaign poster or t-shirt at preliminary matches also helped support the team and spread the word.





It takes more than grit to compete on an international level.


*Thank You

Jen Doan, for trusting me with a team of beautiful, tough women. Azul 7, for flexible design and development. Tracy Hogenson, for his tireless efforts designing wicked t-shirts. Joel Hermann, for his unshakable photo/file prep. Bill English, for use of photos you can feel in your bones.