Paper invoices and checks are smothering U.S. businesses with cost, inefficiency and lack of access to real-time transaction data. The founder of Viewpost set out to create an online business network—think Facebook for business transactions—where any business can exchange and track electronic invoices and payments securely with speed, ease and visibility.


I joined Viewpost to help build a brand, product, and company simultaneously. After two years in stealth mode, Viewpost debuted at the world’s largest FinTech conference and instantly attracted affinity for its vision, technology, and brand.

Viewpost has collected multiple awards for innovation and world-class cybersecurity, attracted tens of millions of dollars in private venture capital, and facilitated business transactions valued at over $90 billion across its network (as of Q4 2017).

Performing multiple, cross-functional leadership roles at Viewpost has reinforced my belief in teamwork, commitment to high-caliber creative and tireless drive for consistent brand experiences across a growing number of channels. Following is a sample of my roles and the work I’ve had a hand in bringing to market.

Creative Director & Writer

Working in tandem with the chief creative officer, I led our in-house Creative team in the creation of a peerless B2B brand. I continuously partner with the marketing and business development teams to concept and develop campaigns for attracting new customers, partners, and investors.

Brand video

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Brand Identity, Illustration & Application Guidelines

Director of Brand


In this role I was steward of the brand expression and Intellectual Property (visuals + messages + trademarks), and collaborated with executives and other senior leadership to nurture company culture in the brand’s likeness and vice-versa.

Core Values


Talent Recruiting
Holiday GIFs


Embodying the Brand

Social Media Strategist

I not only developed strategy but also created content, curated new topics from our product experts, scheduled and posted content, and used social media management software to automate distribution, engagement, monitoring, and metrics.

Brand Awareness Campaign


“Funny Biz” Comic Campaign


UX/UI Writer

My daily responsibilities included writing in-app messaging for our Software-as-a-service (SaaS) product. This role required remote and in-person collaboration with business analysts, product managers, designers, and developers in three office locations and time zones to ensure the brand voice was heard by customers without getting in the way of their transactions. | Desktop
Mobile iOS & Android

Strategic Communications & Positioning

In this role my responsibilities included:  The development and implementation of executive media coaching, speech writing for the CEO, Public Relations program strategy and content creation, Media Relations, Analyst Relations, Government Affairs, and Crisis Communications.

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2015 Press Conference with the Governor of Florida and a State Representative
As Seen In

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Analyst Briefings

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Tear Sheet Samples
Thought Leadership
Promo for CSO Christopher Pierson speaking at RSA Conference about Drones Privacy & Security
White Papers